RG35XX review: best gateway to neo retro gaming?

Avis RG35XX : meilleure porte d'entrée du neo retro gaming ?

The RG35XX is a safe bet

Looking for a gentle introduction into the world of neo retro consoles? The RG35XX is probably made for you. This alternative portable console allows you to easily find your favorite consoles, computers and arcade systems from the 80s and 90s, all in a format that fits in your pocket.

A beautiful symbiosis between design and functionality

The RG35XX is a rather well thought out console and above all very coherent, in the sense that what it allows you to do is in line with its external appearance and its functionalities, which is not always the case in the very moving universe neo retro consoles where the very good rubs shoulders with the frankly curious.

Its Game Boy-inspired format and button layout are perfect for all 2D games, whether for the 8-bit and 16-bit generations or even 32-bit with the advent of 2.5D games. At the rear, the L1, L2, R1 and R2 triggers arranged "in line", complete the range of action buttons.

On the side, there are two memory card ports: one for the operating system, and games if you have space left, the other, optional, dedicated exclusively to game storage. Having two memory card ports is an advantage that is not necessarily found on more expensive retro consoles, and should delight fans of a well-developed game library.

RG35XX: the reasons for success

The RG35XX owes its popularity to several factors:

  • A successful design, immediately reminiscent of the Game Boy
  • Good build quality, with a console that is pleasant to handle
  • Relative ease of use
  • Many consoles and arcade systems emulated perfectly
  • An enthusiastic community of gamers and developers, to whom we owe the much-loved alternative operating system "Garlic OS"
  • Real listening from the manufacturer to improve the console and respond to the requests of the gaming community
  • Consistency between appearance and functionality
  • A very affordable price

The format has proven itself, because there are alternatives like Miyoo Mini Plus , also an excellent console, and with a design very close to the RG35XX, which itself is a response to the first Miyoo Mini model.

The RG35XX and its developments

Building on its popularity, the RG35XX has become a true franchise and is now available in two new versions.

Upgraded Model RG35XX Plus

This version with a boosted processor which allows new 3D consoles to be added to the emulation possibilities.

RG35XX Plus

Alongside the PS1, N64, PSP and DC are now added, enough to cover a good part of the gaming of the 2000s. And even if water has flowed under the bridge, it is impressive to see machines running which represented the best of technology at the time, on a console that fits in your pocket.

The console now also benefits from a Wi-Fi connection, to simplify firmware updates, for example.

This new RG35XX Plus model is available now on DOCK & PLAY.

Horizontal model RG35XX-H

For players preferring a horizontal GBA / PSP / Switch type grip, this model is perfect. It also adds a significant bonus: two analog joysticks in order to take full advantage of the new emulated 3D consoles.

Dual Boot with Stock OS + Garlic OS

At the software level, the current versions of RG35XX offered on DOCK & PLAY are equipped with dual boot, with the original Anbernic system as well as Garlic OS, an alternative operating system developed by the community, which simplifies the Improved interface, customization possibilities and emulation performance. Switching from one to the other is done with a simple additional button at startup.

In the end, the RG35XX is a console that has everything to please, and has established itself in just a few months as a reference in the neo-retro environment. An excellent gateway to getting started in the field and reactivating great memories!

Review and video test on the RG35XX

Want to see the RG35XX console in action? That's good: the very popular RG35XX, which is one of the many "neo Game Boy" that have seen the light of day in recent years, has been scrutinized by the Passions Rétro YouTube channel.

You will find a complete presentation of the hardware, controls, ergonomics, emulation quality, an update on advanced functions, and more. The emulators tested are varied: home consoles, portable consoles, 2D and 3D and arcade systems.

The test reviews the emulation possibilities almost exhaustively with the following systems: NG, GBA, SNES, Arcade and Vertical Screen Arcade, MD, PS1, GB, GBC, PCE. It is also possible to emulate vintage microcomputers like the C64.

Guide: Add Games to RG35XX
Add games to Anbernic RG35XX emulator console

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