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RG405M and RG Nano metal retrogaming consoles

Consoles rétrogaming métal RG405M et RG Nano

If retrogaming arouses your curiosity, you have undoubtedly heard of this brand which offers portable consoles capable of emulating numerous systems, ranging from 8 and 16 bit consoles to 3D consoles, including the systems fitted to gaming terminals. arcade, and even microcomputers.

Here are two flagship models for 2023 that stand out for their design and performance: the RG405M and the RG Nano.

Anbernic RG405M: the Android console that works miracles in retrogaming

Anbernic RG405M is a sophisticated, high-performance portable console that doesn't compromise on quality and power. It is equipped with the Android 12 system and uses an interface customized by Anbernic, which makes it easy to navigate between emulators and different functions.

But what is most striking is its aluminum case with a metallic appearance, which gives it great strength, appreciable weight and a “premium” appearance equivalent to that of a high-end smartphone.

The console also has two rubber pads on the back, providing better grip. The buttons are nice to use, with 4 action buttons, 2 clickable analog sticks, 1 D-pad, and Start and Select buttons. The console also has a Home button and a Back button. On the connectivity side, we find a headphone jack, a micro SD port, a USB Type-C port and a ventilation grill.

RG405M: design and ergonomics worthy of historic manufacturers

Honestly, one wonders if the Anbernic engineers did not learn some manufacturing secrets by spying on the factories that manufacture Nintendo consoles, as the hardware design of the consoles is mastered from start to finish. We are very far from retrogaming devices that are “tock”.

The various elements such as the cross, the sticks and the buttons are equivalent in quality to what the historic manufacturers offer. Anbernic sometimes goes even further than its models in terms of ergonomics, for example with the very comfortable grips located at the back of the RG405M which allow long-term grip without fatigue.

RG405M: astonishing performance for a console that can do it all

The performance of the Anbernic RG405M is impressive. It offers a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on retro systems, but also on Android games and streaming games. On the emulation side, it can even run GameCube games with satisfactory graphics and sound quality in the majority of cases, which was until now the prerogative of PCs or portable machines twice as expensive like the Steam Deck.

The Anbernic RG405M is therefore a console that will delight both fans of retro games and demanding gamers who want to take advantage of the latest technologies. Retro-wise, it does almost everything, and it does it well. As far as modern video games are concerned, it incorporates the latest cutting-edge technologies.

The versatile side of the RG405M also leads us to ask ourselves this question: why acquire a Playstation Portal dedicated solely to streaming from a PS5, when the RG405M also allows you to stream your games from a PS5 and adds streaming from the Xbox Game as a bonus? Pass, access to the Android games catalog, and to many applications and ways of playing.

Anbernic RG Nano: miniature retrogaming with a console the size of a key

The Anbernic RG Nano is the opposite of the Anbernic RG405M: it's an ultra-miniature console that fits in the palm of your hand. It measures 6.8 cm high by 4.2 cm wide and attaches like a key ring. On the other hand, it shares the premium side with its anodized aluminum material, which gives it an elegant and robust appearance. It is available in three colors: blue, red or purple.

The Anbernic RG Nano features a 1.54-inch full-fit IPS display, 64MB of RAM, and a memory card slot for game storage. It works with a simplified interface under Linux and supports more than 10 types of emulators, ranging from 8-bit consoles to PlayStation consoles.

The Anbernic RG Nano offers a simple and fun gaming experience on these retro systems. Despite its miniature size, it has all the attributes of a real console: directional cross, four ABXY buttons, two triggers and control buttons. The USB Type-C port is used for charging, transferring games and connecting headphones with an adapter. The 1,050 mAh battery lasts around 4 hours between charges.

The Anbernic RG Nano is therefore a console that will appeal to those nostalgic for retro games, but also to the curious who want to discover an original and fun console. It is ideal for playing anywhere, whether in transport, in waiting rooms or in moments of relaxation.

Excellent neo-retro choices

The Anbernic RG405M and the Anbernic RG Nano are two consoles that illustrate Anbernic's expertise and creativity. They offer gaming experiences that adapt to the tastes and needs of each player. These two consoles are must-haves for fans of retro games, but also for lovers of design and technology.

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