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The Evercade universe is a unique and daring proposition in the world of video games. By combining modern technology with passion for the games and publishers that have made the history of video games, EVERCADE consoles allow you to revisit gaming from the 80s and 90s with modern comfort and while respecting original creations thanks to licenses. official. The great originality: the games are supplied on cartridges, with boxes and instructions, as at the time... you can even blow on them :)

Evercade consoles are specially designed for lovers of video game history who want to revisit the classics and discover curiosities on machines that are 100% plug and play and ready to play. All Evercade games are produced under official license from renowned publishers such as Capcom, Taito, Bitmap Brothers and Delphine Software, guaranteeing an authentic gaming experience.

The game library, with more than 260 titles , is organized into thematic compilations highlighting a publisher. The eclectic selection of games breaks down the original barriers between machines and offers console, arcade and microcomputer hits. It even offers modern indie games inspired by the classics.

The Evercade ecosystem is available in several consoles.

Evercade EXP is a portable console that lets you relive your favorite retro games wherever you are. With its elegant design and access to more than 260 cartridge titles as well as games regularly offered via internet updates, it offers a superb modern and retro experience.

EVERCADE VS is an innovative home console that brings a completely neo-retro gaming experience. With its large game library, its 4 controller ports, its futuristic retro look, and its two cartridge ports, it is a unique console of its kind and very popular with retrogamers.

The Hyper Mega Tech line with the Super Pocket Taito Edition consoles And Super Pocket Capcom Edition . These compact, plug-and-play consoles in renowned publisher colors are perfect for gamers on the go and offer a selection of classic games from Taito and Capcom, while remaining compatible with EVERCADE cartridges.

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