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RG35XX: the N°1 portable emulator console to discover neo retro gaming

This small, compact and lightweight machine is the modern Game Boy that never leaves your side. Slipping into a pocket, it is capable of reproducing more than 30 console, arcade and microcomputer systems from the 80s to the 2000s, or 30 years of video games in your pocket. Dizzying, isn't it?

Original RG35XX: the most popular model

The original RG35XX model benefits from the support of a strong community of users and developers, all captivated by the qualities and possibilities of such a small machine capable of taking you back in time. Its simplicity is a strength: delivered with a preloaded memory card, it is ready to use to travel through different eras of gaming.

The latest version of the console, that of the DOCK & PLAY catalog, allows you to alternate between the original OS and Garlic OS, an operating system developed by the community, which offers both more functions, machines emulated, better compatibility with games and consoles, while maximizing ease of use.

This console also offers a function absent from certain more sophisticated and expensive models, and yet very practical: HD output. Thanks to an HDMI-Mini HDMI cable, the RG35XX connects to a TV or a screen and becomes a home console for a few spectacular games. A very useful function to pair with a portable HDMI screen, or a video projector, which enhances your gaming experience.

The RG35XX is being adopted at high speed by all gamers wanting to rediscover the sensations of their golden age of gaming. It's your turn to release your memories, revive them and find nuggets with the comfort of today!

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RG35XX Plus: the updated version

This model brings three main new features: in addition to very successful new colors, the power of the console increases by a notch and opens up the emulation of additional systems, notably the first generation 3D consoles such as PSP/N64/DC, which are added to the PS1 already supported by the original model.

The RG35XX Plus also benefits from Wi-Fi to facilitate the installation of updates. It is a model that keeps all the qualities of the original, without removing anything, and adding extended possibilities and increased comfort. A sure value!

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RG35XX H : for horizontal grip

The success of the RG35XX is largely due to its evocative design inspired by the legendary Game Boy: a shape evocative of many memories, pleasant to use and so iconic that it attracts everyone's attention.

But for those who prefer a horizontal grip that has become a standard for portable consoles since the Game Boy Advance, the PSP, PSP Vita, Switch and most retrogaming portable consoles, the RG35XX H is ideal. It keeps the advanced characteristics of the RG35XX Plus, while offering a horizontal grip.

This is complemented by the addition of two analog joysticks in order to perfectly control the 3D games of the new emulated machines. This model also benefits from increased sound quality with two speakers offering more precise and pleasant sound.

This is technically the most advanced version of the RG35XX, while remaining as easy to access as possible, and maintaining the quality of manufacturing and design that makes the RG35XX consoles so successful. She will never leave you again!

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RG35XXSP: the return of clamshell consoles

The very latest in the range adopts a truly stunning design, inspired by the superb GBA SP of the 2000s. The console closes on itself thanks to the flap, which protects the screen and transforms it into a very square compact, to take anywhere.

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What games can be played on the RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP consoles?

The RG35XX are emulation machines, capable of reproducing numerous consoles, arcade systems and microcomputers.
The list below gives an idea of ​​the possibilities.

Main systems supported by all models: RG35XX, RG35XX Plus, RG35XX H, RG35XXSP.

Arcade (Mame 2003+) - ARCADE
Atari 2600 - ATARI
Lynx - LYNX
WonderSwan & Color - WSC

Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Play System 2 - CPS2
Play System 3 - CPS3
Famicom Disk System - MSDS
Game & Watch - GW
NEC SuperGrafx
TurboGrafx-16 - PCE
Nintendo NES - FC
Game Boy - UK
Game Boy Advance - GBA
Game Boy Color - GBC
Super Game Boy - SGB
Super Nintendo - SFC
Game Gear - GG
Genesis - MD
Master System - MS
NeoGeo Pocket & Color - NGP
Sony Playstation - PS

Additional systems supported by RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP models

Sony PSP - PSP
Sega Dreamcast: DC
Arcade Naomi - NAOMI
ArcadeAtomiswave -
FBNeo Arcade - FBNEO
Vertical Arcade - VARCADE
Nintendo DS - NDS
Openbor Ports - OPENBOR
Virtual Boy - VB

Keep in mind that these are consoles dedicated to emulation: emulators are software reproductions of physical hardware, which by nature cannot offer 100% fidelity to the original hardware, but attempt to get as close as possible. However, the RG35XX family consoles are recognized as offering remarkable emulation quality.

How many games are available on the RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP?

Consoles do not contain games in memory. The memory card option allows you to obtain one or more storage media(s) to install games on. These memory cards are preloaded with content by the manufacturer, which allows you to play right out of the box to familiarize yourself with the emulators, without configuring anything. It is then up to the user to create their own content libraries and add the ROMs of their choice to the memory card(s).

Can I add more games to RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP consoles?

Yes, you can add games by downloading ROMs from the Internet and transferring them to a microSD card via a memory card reader plugged into your computer.

A tutorial explains the procedure here: Add games to RG35XX emulator console

Where can you find games and roms to download for RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP?

You can find and support many free or paid indie games and programs on the ich.io community

If in doubt, need help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us on chat or via email at contact @ dockandplay.fr

How long does the battery last on RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP consoles?

Battery life varies depending on usage, but it can last between 5 and 6 hours on a single charge.

Can we play multiplayer on the RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H consoles?

Yes, it is possible to play with several people for certain games that support it. Multiplayer gaming requires connecting a USB type-C wired controller via the OTG port located on the consoles.

What is the storage capacity of the RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP consoles?

Storage capacity depends on the model you choose. All consoles in the RG35XX family have two microSD card slots, which each support cards with a capacity of up to 512 GB. All consoles are supplied with a memory card by default: its capacity ranges from 64 GB or 128 GB depending on the model selected. .

Can we connect an RG35XX / RG35XX Plus / RG35XX H / RG35XXSP console to the TV?

Yes, all RG35XX console models have a mini HDMI port to connect to a TV, HDMI display or HDMI video projector.
Consult the section: HDMI screens and video projectors

Are RG35XX consoles for me if I don't know anything about retro gaming emulation?

Yes, these are definitely among the easiest consoles to use for beginners in emulation. After a little learning time to learn the basic concepts (what is an emulator? A ROM? How to add games?), you will quickly be able to build your personalized video game museum accessible to everyone. moment.

Just keep in mind that for some more specific machines like microcomputers, additional settings may be required (examples: changing items in the options, starting with an operating system other than the default). The same goes for certain games which may require à la carte adjustment.

Beginner? Our team answers all your questions about emulation. Let's talk about it in the chat with the bubble at the bottom right, or via the contact form .

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