10 cozy games Switch games to relax in

10 jeux cozy games Switch pour se détendre

Relaxation above all with cozy gaming

There's not only retro gaming in life, there's also cozy gaming! You know, these games which offer us a moment of relaxation, without the stress of a boss to fight, limited time, repeated game overs or particular competition. Here, we take the time, we walk, we chat with cute people, we carry out bartering, gardening or small service missions, we cooperate, we support each other, and this, with friends online or quietly in solo.

And since all roads lead to (neo)retro, many of these games adopt a regressive aesthetic that reminds us of the games of our childhood, like Stardew Valley , which looks like it came straight from a Super Nintendo.

If you are looking for a comfortable game to play on Switch, but also on other media except Nintendo exclusives, here are 10 recommendations for some of the most popular relaxing and soothing games. Make your tea and escape.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest title in Nintendo's cult franchise. In this life simulator, you are transported to a desert island where you can build your own house, grow fruits and vegetables, and interact with adorable animals.

It's a perfect title to unwind after a long day at work. Its release in spring 2020 at a time when the world was facing an unprecedented pandemic made it a game inseparable from the period of confinement, hence its success with millions of players who could escape virtually.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farm life simulator inspired by the Harvest Moon series. You inherit a ruined farm and must rehabilitate it to produce crops and raise animals.

Your days are punctuated by agricultural tasks, a wide variety of characters to meet and quests to complete. The game was a huge success and helped popularize so-called "indie" games from small studios.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World is a colorful platform game that takes you into a world with original graphics, with all elements appearing handmade. You play as Yoshi and must save stolen eggs while exploring creative levels.

The artistic direction cleverly rides the DIY wave and makes it one of the most charming Yoshi games since the first Yoshi's Island.


Spiritfarer is a life and death management game, or more poetically, an emotional journey in which you play a guide to the souls of the dead. You build and manage your own ship, meet unusual characters and help lost souls find peace.

Despite the subject matter, the game is, in practice, surprisingly comforting and offers some real moments of joy.


Gris is a platform game that follows a young girl going through a difficult time in her life. The title uses a graphic style close to watercolor painting which allows the emotions of the protagonist to be expressed as accurately as possible. The artistic direction by artist Conrad Roset is simply breathtaking, probably one of the most beautiful games 2D never designed

The adventure is short but offers a journey between beauty and sadness that will still shake you long after you have finished it. Its presence in this top may be surprising because beneath its pretty colors we understand a rather dark story, but it is so beautiful that the simple fact of evolving in such a universe is enough to relax you and disconnect your mind from the parasitic thoughts of everyday life.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a third-person hiking game where you play as a bird trying to reach the top of a mountain. It is characterized by its natural beauty and simple game mechanics.

A charming title that rewards curiosity and exploration.

The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is an adventure game developed by Hello Games, the creators of No Man's Sky. It follows the story of a little spirit who seeks to find his family in a wild world.

The game was praised for its moving story and striking soundtrack.


Unpacking starts from a rather boring idea, since the concept is to unpack and organize your belongings after a move. Yet, with simple yet satisfying gameplay, Unpacking is a perfect game for relaxing.

The soothing soundtrack and gentle graphics make it a great option for anyone looking for calming entertainment.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk puts you in the shoes of a barista in a coffee shop. Your mission is to serve drinks and engage in conversation with customers, to uncover their secrets and help solve their problems.

The pixel art design and lounge soundtrack make this a great option for anyone looking to relax with a quirky adventure, who enjoys both graphic and text-based adventures, and who is bad at latte art in real life life. A sequel was released: Coffee Talk Episode 2.

Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a haunted island life simulator. The idea is to travel through forests and other mysterious places to uncover secrets and help local ghosts find peace. Your camp and the surrounding landscapes are constantly changing.

The player thus develops his abilities to build relationships in a community, in a chill and relaxed atmosphere.

These games are all great choices for having a good time on your Nintendo Switch, whether you're looking to relax, escape, or get excited. Up to you !

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