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Welcome to DOCK & PLAY, your premier destination for neo-retro gaming. Our online store is dedicated to celebrating video games in all their forms, with a particular emphasis on what we call "neo retro gaming".

We invite you to revisit the classics you love with modern comfort. By classic, we mean game, but also gaming machine: thus, neo retro gaming also applies to current gaming consoles and devices which allow you to rediscover gaming memories while taking advantage of today's technology.

We carefully select each item in our store, ensuring that it is innovative, pleasant to use and that it meets this neo-retro ideal which not only allows us to connect different eras of gaming, but also to link gaming to other creative disciplines. We are happy to be part of this community of players fully aware of the singularity of this hobby, with its limits, sometimes its faults, but also its fantastic possibilities.

It's time to remaster your memories... and write what's next!

PS: and for those who are wondering, the name of the store is a nod to the expression "Plug & Play" which appeared in the mid-90s, but also a reference to the concept of "dock", or dock. For example, we like the idea that the Switch can connect to a dock which offers it other possibilities such as connecting to a TV. The relationship with neo retro? You're right, we're looking for it too, because the store wasn't necessarily focused on neo retro at first. But this is another story :)

Celebrating gaming and its culture

Comfortably installed in your living room, you enjoy your deserved moments of relaxation to play, but also watch, read, listen, exhibit, share and celebrate video games in all its facets. There are a thousand and one ways to enjoy gaming and its culture.

Gaming is now infusing all areas of entertainment. Its aesthetics, its atmosphere, the sensations it provides, the worlds it creates, the stories it tells, touch us and mark us. Its symbols, its icons and its legends never cease to amuse us, surprise us and mark our imagination.

In more than 40 years of history, video games have become a major cultural practice which has built a common heritage recognized, celebrated and appreciated by all generations.

Neo retro gaming remasters your memories

Neo-retro gaming allows you to revisit your memory of video games in a new way: more anchored in the present, more accessible, more convenient, more pleasant, more fluid, more user-friendly. A bit like an old game that benefits from a remastered version: you can play it again, in a new setting, and with greater comfort.

Neo-retro diverges from retrogaming, which consists of playing and manipulating vintage devices and games, carefully preserved for years or acquired second hand. But pure and simple retrogaming is becoming inaccessible to enthusiasts, due to the wear and tear of the machines and games, the difficulty of finding them, and the need to equip themselves expensively.

Neo-retro inspires creators who offer a new way of looking at the gaming of yesteryear. Thanks to a new generation of innovative devices that draw on playful heritage to offer a design and an experience that touches our hearts, we can finally rediscover forgotten sensations while enjoying modern comfort.

DOCK & PLAY takes this path to celebrate this culture which is part of each of us, by offering a selection of game consoles, connected devices, creations and initiatives designed in a neo-retro spirit.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration

Our first interactions with a controller date back to Nintendo's NES, one fine day in 1987. Suffice it to say that we literally grew up with this incredibly creative media: once we fall into it, we grow up with the magic potion within us and we never cease to be fascinated by this unique environment.

We previously had the chance to cover this industry as a journalist for different media, magazines and websites, general or specialized. A period rich in enriching encounters to learn about the very closed behind the scenes of video games.

And certainly the cause of our tendency to write very long and very complicated sentences. We'll try to improve, promise :)

This proximity to creators as well as players allows us to approach DOCK & PLAY in an original way, both as an extension of these editorial experiences, and as an online store highlighting innovative and representative articles. of a certain idea of ​​gaming culture.

Our audience is sensitive to the aesthetics of video games, their preservation, the emotions they provide, their transmission and their connection with other leisure activities. He is also fully aware of present and future technologies, favors comfort and serenity, appreciates beautiful objects, design and decoration.

We hope that your experience on DOCK & PLAY lives up to the consideration you have for video games, that is to say more than a simple leisure activity, even if it will not save the world, but which at least contributes to make it a little lighter. A universe which is not comparable to any other, which marks you for life, from which you can sometimes move away, by will or by necessity, but which you always find with the joy of the first days.

Be inspired by gaming.

Samy and the DOCK & PLAY team

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