RG353PS review: a comfortable and affordable retro laptop

Avis RG353PS : une portable rétro confortable et abordable

The RG353PS: the retro laptop that takes you back in time

The RG353PS console is a machine dedicated to retrogaming that allows you to relive the greatest 2D and 3D classics from the 80s to the 2000s.

Discover the complete tests in French from our partner YouTube channels. This portable console with a familiar and successful design, a nod to the Super Nintendo controller, and a pleasant grip, and a good entry into the neo-retro universe, positioning itself in an interesting mid-range , halfway between the "small" RG35XX / Miyoo Mini Plus, and sophisticated Android laptops like the RG405/RG405V.

The RG353PS is a Switch-type horizontal grip console, which has several advantages, starting with its 3.5-inch IPS screen which offers satisfactory image quality and brightness, whether for 2D or 3D.

Access to games via micro-SD memory card gives the machine significant storage capacity and facilitates the transfer of ROMs from your computer.

And above all, on the emulator side, the processor and RAM of the RG353PS ensure fluid and faithful emulation of all classic 2D consoles and arcade systems, as well as the first generation of 3D games.

Reviews of Retro Passions

Passions Rétro offers you a complete test of the RG353PS with in-game performance on no less than 27 different systems, from the NES to the PSP and Dreamcast.


Alex Express review

The Alex Express channel also took the time to test the behavior of the RG353PS on several emulated systems.

Testing the RG353PS in HDMI output

A complete focus on HDMI mode is also available: like the RG35XX, thanks to the mini HDMI output, the console connects without problem to a screen or TV. It thus becomes a one-off home console, for retro gaming sessions on the big screen and two-player games that are more comfortable and fun!

The RG353PS is a balanced console, very pleasant to hold, which offers very honest performance for those looking for classic 80's and 90's sensations, with small forays towards the beginnings of 3D.

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