Anbernic RG405M review: the future retro premium version

Avis Anbernic RG405M : le rétro futur version premium

The RG405M: the hi-tech laptop that controls them all

The RG405M console is a concentrate of technology that connects you to all your 2D and 3D memories from the 80s to the 2000s.

Discover the complete tests in French of this portable console designed for Android and with one of the most advanced emulations of the moment, carried out with talent by our partners of the YouTube channel specialized in retro gaming .

The hardware, the design, the controls, the OS, the ergonomics, the quality of emulation machine by machine... almost everything is there.

The RG405M is a Switch-type horizontal grip console, which has several particularities, starting with its 4:3 screen which allows it to remain faithful to the original display formats, whether for 2D or 3D.

In addition, it is a touch screen , which allows the gameplay of portable consoles with touch screens to be reproduced much better.

Access to Android games via Google Playstore gives the machine an impressive catalog and solves an old gamer problem: that of enjoying your smartphone games with all the comfort of a real console.

And above all, on the emulator side, the processor and architecture of the RG405M pave the way for the emulation of 3D consoles known to be difficult to emulate, with remarkable results.

Reviews of Retro Passions

Tonton Chistophe presents the main functions of the RG405M and its emulation possibilities with different emulators for all styles and tastes.

The RG405M is a powerful Android console capable of running consoles previously inaccessible in its price range, such as the PSP, PS2, Saturn or even the Gamecube.

Thanks to its high performance, its quite remarkable compatibility and its exemplary finish, the RG405M is a little dream come true for fans of retro games.

Alex Express review

What consoles are emulated by the famous Anbernic RG405M ? Spoiler: there are quite a few! It's the turn of the Alex Express channel to test on its excellent YouTube channel the new Anbernic portable emulator console positioned in the mid/high-end segment.

The video examines the RG405M from all angles and tests its performance on numerous systems.

Videos specifically dedicated to testing demanding 3D systems are also available.

RG405M and Gamecube review

RG405M and PSP test

RG405M and Saturn review

The RG405M is available on with the guarantees you appreciate: tracked shipping, guarantee in the event of theft or delivery failure, free return within 15 days, French after-sales service, advice and personalized assistance. Up to you :)

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