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Anbernic RG405V review: a reference in Android emulator console?

Avis Anbernic RG405V : une référence en console Android émulateur ?

Anbernic RG405V: the all-in-one machine for neo retro gaming?

Are you a fan of retro games and are you looking for a portable console that allows you to find your favorite consoles, computers and arcade systems from the 80s to the 2000s? So take a look at the RG405V, a machine that runs both Android and the associated gaming environment, but also an impressive number of emulators.

A familiar but redesigned shape

The RG405V comes in very complete packaging: a simple white box, containing the console, a USB-C power and transfer cable, a micro SD card for the contents, a screen protector as well as two anti- dust.

The console comes in a classic design in Game Boy format, but with several twists. Starting with the size: we find ourselves in front of a fairly imposing console, larger than the ordinary “Neo Game Boy” models such as the RG35XX, Miyoo Mini Plus and other RG353V. And this size allows for a completely surprising and appreciable comfort in handling: the console will tire neither small nor large hands.

At the rear, the famous triggers L1, L2, R1 and R2 arranged "in line", are also a particularity at Anbernic. On the side, there is a micro SD port which accommodates the memory card containing your games, above the screen a USB-type C power port, and at the bottom of the console an audio jack socket.

A complete Android console

The Android system gives the RG405V several advantages. First of all, it can access the Google Play Store, which allows it to download Android applications and games, just like on the phone, with a gigantic games library.

Then, it can benefit from system and emulator updates, which ensures better compatibility and better performance.

It can also be personalized according to the user's tastes, who can change the wallpaper, icons, themes, etc.

Last but not least: the console is also very comfortable with emerging video game technologies: local streaming, from a PC or a game console (with an application like Moonlight for PC, or PSPlay for PS4 and PS5), but also cloud gaming, with access to services like AntStream Arcade or Cloud compatible games from Xbox Game Pass.

It is therefore a pleasure to find the magnificent Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood, via the Castlevania Requiem compilation, which was until now stuck for no reason on the PS Store for the PS4 and PS5. Playing such 2D gaming legends whenever you want on a portable console, with a screen that respects the original 4:3 ratio and the resolution of the time, is infinitely superior to a display unsuitable for today's TV screens.

This is just one example among many, the possibilities are just dizzying, the RG405V adapts exactly to your way of playing.

The RG405V and emulators

Our partner Passions Rétro was able to test the RG405V with different console emulators, computers and arcade systems. The results are impressive.

RG405V review on the Passions Rétro channel

In the end, the RG405V console confirms the milestone reached by the RG405M in terms of performance, finish and balance. These two models represent the top of the manufacturer's basket and will undoubtedly be snapped up at the end of 2023. Good luck to all!

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  • Dumolard samuel

    Très belle console. J’ai pu voir le test sur la chaîne passions rétro et l’on voit le palier franchi pour les jeux PS2 et GameCube en terme de stabilité. Le design en bois me plaît beaucoup. Je viens d’acheter la rg353ps chez vous mais celle-ci me fait de l’oeil également. De beaux produits que vous proposez.

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