Divoom Ditoo: the bluetooth speaker that loves pixel art

Divoom Ditoo : l'enceinte bluetooth qui aime le pixel art

Pixelate your music!

Star of social networks, Divoom Ditoo is a connected speaker with a bold design. With its pixel art screen and its cute little computer look, Divoom Ditoo is unlike any other Bluetooth speaker and goes well beyond simple music streaming.

Passionate about retro video games? Are you a fan of design and aesthetics inspired by gaming and pop culture ? Want a touch of originality for your interior? In the middle of setting up a gaming room ? Looking for an original gift for a gamer?

Ditoo is one of the flagship models of the Divoom brand. A perfect device to launch you into a decorative world that is both nostalgic and innovative, alongside other best-sellers such as TimeBox , Pixoo , Pixoo Max and Pixoo 64 . Follow the pixels!

Divoom Ditoo: mini device for maxi show

Visually eye-catching, Divoom Ditoo goes further than a simple decorative object. It is a Bluetooth speaker equipped with a 6-key micro-keyboard and a small 16x16 square screen, representing the famous pixels.

This retro display, which recalls the graphics of computers and game consoles from the early 80s, or even the Minitel, a French specificity of the time, allows you to enjoy multiple aesthetic and fun features.

It is also a way of displaying ephemeral creations at home, according to your desire, the location, or the time of year. A bit like street art, heavily invested by artists who have chosen pixels as a means of expression.

Divoom Ditoo allows you in a certain way to exhibit digital art at home, which, although primitive at first glance, comforts us, takes us back to childhood and stimulates our imagination.

Pixel art comes to life with Divoom Ditoo

With Divoom Ditoo , give free rein to your creativity by creating your own pixel art illustrations that animate and come to life on the screen.

Choose from a huge collection of preloaded images and animations to display colorful and fun animated gifs, characters, settings and scenes inspired by video games from the 70s and 80s.

A way of revisiting the golden age of all pixels, at the time when screens did not allow the luxury of detail of today's graphics close to computer-generated images... but what does not allow us didn't stop us from having fun!

A device from the retro-future

Thanks to its design that can be described as retrofuturistic, Divoom Ditoo is an unstoppable decorative element in a gaming space, a gaming room, a bedroom or even a living room.

Imagine it proudly displayed on a shelf, behind a window, or in a piece of furniture with several cube compartments, in a bar, an office...

Whether you are a passionate gamer or a lover of design and interior decoration, it will not fail to cause a sensation and attract all eyes!

Pixel-by-pixel creativity and fun

The main function of the Divoom Ditoo allows you to express your creativity by creating fun unique pixel art animations, which scroll like an animated board or photo frame.

Pop culture, cinema, series, video games, music, internet memes, comics, manga, comics, paintings, sculptures, monuments... It is easy to express your style with creations from many universes, which we appreciated in a new light thanks to the twist brought by pixel art!.

We almost forget that Divoom Ditoo is also a Bluetooth speaker

Divoom Ditoo allows you to easily connect to your smartphone or other devices to stream music, such as any speaker such as JBL, Marshall, Harman-Kardon, Bose, Devialet etc.

Don't let its compact size fool us, the Ditoo in its "Pro" version delivers surprisingly satisfactory sound for its size, with a small but sturdy 15W speaker, which delivers very clear and deep sound.

The bass is really surprisingly powerful, which is great for rhythmic music. Ditoo Pro is also equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP for short) which regulates the audio quality so that it remains optimal, even at high volume.

Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, it is easy to pair an Android or iOS device and stream your music to the Divoom Ditoo from a phone, tablet or computer, just to add ambiance to your bedroom, kitchen, living room or even a garden. You have access to two wifi channels, one of which is dedicated only to sound. The other channel, mixing sound and image, is reserved for use with the Divoom mobile application to browse the library of creations, create pixel art, play music, etc.

Good point: with its microSD slot, you can also load your music directly onto the device and use it like a good old mp3 player, disconnected from other devices.

Divoom Ditoo: design and technology in a kawaii form

The Ditoo also offers a multitude of applications that allow you to unleash your creativity. Use it as a clock, an alarm or even play mini games.

Divoom Ditoo can display notifications for calls, messages and social media apps, allowing you to stay informed without having to constantly check your phone.

With its unique retro design and practical features, Ditoo from Divoom strikes a clever balance between style and substance, while still being a terribly cute and superbly decorative device.

It's not for nothing that he's all the rage on social networks! Among design and interior decoration enthusiasts, or those who are setting up a gaming room at home, Divoom products and particularly Ditoo have become essential. It must also be said that with 6 different colors, everyone can find the Ditoo model that matches their style or matches their decor.

The divoom ditoo pixel art community is overflowing with creativity

The community of users brought together by Divoom products is quite unique. Users are encouraged to share their creations via the Divoom application , available on iOS and Android, in order to contribute to a constantly evolving library of still and animated visuals. For example, a search for “space invader” will bring you numerous still or animated visuals featuring the aliens from the famous arcade game.

To choose a visual adapted to your Divoom device, the resolution indicated serves as a recommendation. Thus, even if nothing prevents trying to display a 32 visual on a 16 screen, the 16x16 creations remain optimized for Ditoo and Pixoo, while the 32x32 correspond to the Pixoo Max and the 64x64 are to be reserved for the Pixoo 64 which can display them perfectly thanks to its larger screen.

You have understood, the Ditoo from Divoom is an attractive device due to its undeniable originality, its successful design and its varied functions. It's a perfect choice for those looking for a side speaker that combines style and performance.

It is also an essential device for energizing any interior with a refreshing flow of pop culture and retrogaming-inspired visuals and animations. An innovative and fun device, simply cute!

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