FAQ Getting started with the Anbernic RG405V console

FAQ Démarrer avec la console RG405V Anbernic

You have made an excellent choice with your neo retro RG405V console! With its bold design resembling a Game Boy XL and its emulators impeccably reproducing classic 2D consoles and arcade systems, without forgetting the sophisticated 3D consoles of the DC, PS2, GC generation, it will take you on a journey through the different eras of gaming. Our getting started guide helps you get the most out of your RG405V right out of the box.

Contents of the box

Before starting your console for the first time, check that you have all the necessary components and accessories. You should find:

1x RG405V
1x USB Type-C power cable
1x screen protector
1x User Manual Accessories RG405V
1x MicroSD card (inserted directly into the port on the console, or separated)

Console buttons

  • Power Button: Turns the device on/off, located on the right side of the RG405V.
  • Home button: Returns you to the home screen, located in the middle of the device face.
  • Function button: Quick launch of the Launcher (game launch interface), located on the left side of the RG405V.
  • Action buttons A, B, X, Y: for playing and navigating through menus

Ports and connectors

  • 1x USB-C Port: Powers and connects peripherals for expanded functionality.
  • 1x MicroSD card slot (TF slot): allows you to expand storage capacity or transfer data. Located on the left side of the device.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack: for connecting wired earphones and headsets, located at the bottom of the device.

First configuration of the RG405V

Before you can launch your first game, you will need to spend a few minutes setting up the device.

Battery charging

When unboxed, the console battery should be partially charged. We recommend that you start by fully charging your console . You can do this by plugging your device into the supplied USB-C power cable, and plugging it into a power adapter or a powered device equipped with a USB-C port (e.g. computer). The USB-C port is located on the top of your device.

A full charge ensures your device won't turn off unexpectedly during initial setup, which may include vital checks and setups - such as battery calibration. This initial charge establishes a solid foundation for the longevity of your device, don't neglect it.

Inserting the Micro SD card

Next, let's prepare the storage of your device. Check that a memory card is inserted into the TF slot on the left side of the device. If this is not the case, you must insert the memory card provided with the console. This card will store your save data as well as games and content intended for emulators.

Turning on the console

Now, let’s bring your RG405V device to life! Press and hold the power button to turn on the console. This first startup may take a little longer than usual, which is normal, subsequent startup times will be faster.

Android operating system

The RG405V runs on the Android 12 operating system, which means you have access to possibilities close to those of an Android tablet or smartphone. You get multitasking, a modern and familiar touchscreen user interface, access to the Google Play Store, video and music streaming apps, cloud gaming services, and more.

Android setup

When you start your device for the first time, you will be greeted by a welcome screen, where you should select “Start use”. This will begin reconfiguring the device, which may take 3 to 5 minutes. Once this setup is complete, touch the screen or press any button to enter Android OS.

Control panel

The Android control panel is accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen, similar to what you would do on a smartphone. Drag down again to expand the control panel if necessary to show other options. From the control panel, you can access and modify the main options of the device such as WiFi, Bluetooth, display mode or even button configuration.

Internet connection

Let's start by connecting the console to the Internet. To access the network settings, open the control panel and hold your finger on the WiFi option. This will open the WiFi menu and display all the different network connections available. Select the desired network and enter the password to connect.

Show launcher with function button

To quickly start playing on your Anbernic device, simply press the function button on your Anbernic RG405V (located on the left side). This will bring up a screen displaying a variety of emulators. This screen is called launcher: it allows you to have direct access to your library of games and to launch them easily. Navigate through the emulators listed using the left and right buttons (or by sliding the screen with the finger).

Path to games

When you first start, the console will ask you to enter the path to the folder that contains the games . Follow the instructions displayed to complete this folder: if you are using the console's original memory card, this folder is in SD card / GAMES. You must enter this folder as the source of your games, instead of the console's internal memory, which is selected by default.

Another method: return to the launcher by pressing the function button located on the left side of the console, then once entered in the launcher menu with the name of the consoles which appears on a colored background, press the X button (the blue) of the console . This will launch a scan on the memory card to find the games present in the specified folder and automatically assign them to the emulators concerned. You will not need to specify any path.

At this stage, the hardest part is done 😊 Then, still from the menu launcher, select a console: you will see a list of games compatible and accessible by the console. Choose the game you want to play and start making memories!

How to access Android OS Options

2 ways to access it

  • From the default interface (Normal mode): on the home page with the young girl in the wallpaper, touch the “Settings” gear icon.
  • From the control panel (touch the top of the screen and drag it down to display the panel, then touch the gear icon to access the “Settings” menu.

How to access the launcher

2 ways to access it

  • From the function button located on the left of the console
  • From the Control Center, toggle between Game Mode: (ON)” or “Normal (OFF)”. If the option is ON, the launcher becomes the default console interface. If you choose OFF, the home screen with the girl in the wallpaper is the default Android interface, with a list of installed emulators and applications.

How to display the Android interface in French

Open the control panel and tap the gear icon to enter the “Settings” menu. Choose “System” then “Languages ​​& Input”. In “Languages”, tap “Add a language” and choose French and the relevant region (eg: France). Once added, tap the two horizontal bars to move the rectangle containing “French” to the top of the list, to activate it as the default language.

How to disable display of touch controls

Some emulators reproducing motion control or touchscreen consoles may use an overlay display. The same is true for certain Android games using a virtual touch controller displayed on the screen. If you wish to deactivate this display (for example if the console buttons are recognized and you prefer to play with them), press the function button which will display an overlay menu, then go to “settings” then check the “Hide input buttons” option box.

Note: the menu displayed by the function button may change appearance depending on the game or emulator you are in.

How to change button layout for menus

Quick way: You can easily switch between two familiar button layouts on modern consoles:

  • Xbox mode: bottom button “B” to confirm and right button “A” to cancel.
    It is also the equivalent of the PS5 layout: cross to confirm, circle to cancel.
  • Switch mode: right button “A” to confirm and bottom button “B” to cancel.

Personalized way: for finer adjustment, go to the options.

How to add games on RG405V

There are 3 ways to do this.

  • Install ROMS on memory card

    Refer to the dedicated article How to add games to RG35XX , the procedure is similar for the RG405V.

  • Download ROMS over Wi-Fi from the Internet

    You can open the Chrome browser and go to a site offering free or paid ROMS like the independent developer community itch.io.

    Once the game is downloaded, you can move it to the games directory on the console's internal memory or the memory card, and insert it into the games directory of the emulator which can run it (e.g. , a Megadrive rom in the Megadrive emulator folder).
  • Download Android games from Google Playstore

    From the default interface with the young girl in the wallpaper, open the Playstore application and search for the desired game if you have a precise idea or use the filters to discover games according to your search criteria. Then install the game (free or paid) as you would on an Android smartphone. The game icon will appear on the Android home screen.

Manual configuration of emulators (for advanced users)

For those who prefer to manage emulators on a case-by-case basis and have additional options, manual configuration of each emulator is possible. There may be some specifics in terms of menu display and slight variations in the setup process, but they all work broadly the same.

From the default interface (the one with the girl in the wallpaper), slide the touch screen left/right to navigate your applications, and press the icon corresponding to the emulator you want configure. In principle, no games will be listed when you first open it, which is why the emulator will prompt you to add the path to the directory containing your games.

To do this, select “Add directory” and a new Android window will open. Here, tap the navigation icon (represented by three horizontal lines) to navigate to different storage locations. The default location is the console's internal memory. Instead, choose “Use SD card” from the menu to access the memory card inserted in the TF2/EX port.

Next, navigate to the folder containing the games corresponding to the emulator console, and select it by checking the box on the left. After selecting the folder, tap “Use this folder” at the bottom of the screen. This will display a pop-up asking for permission to access the device. Select “Allow access” and the emulator will then start scanning the folder for compatible games. Once completed, the games should appear in the emulator menu, ready to play!

Can we do this with the RG405V?

  • Play Android games from the Playstore catalog. Yes, it is possible with most games: Genshin Impact, Minecraft etc...

  • Play Android games by direct installation (.apk) . Yes, it is possible for Fortnite and games not available on Playstore.

  • Play Android games included in a subscription. Yes, it is possible to play with the Netflix games catalog etc...

  • Play on local streaming application. Yes, it is possible to stream a PC game to the RG405V via the Moonlight application, stream the PS5 to RG405V etc.

  • Games on cloud gaming applications. Yes, it is possible to access your Xbox Game Pass / Cloud Gaming account, Playstation Plus, Antstream Arcade, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna...

  • Play games on emulators. Yes, the formats supported when turning on the machine are: NES, SNES, SMS, MD, GB, GBC, GBA, PCE, PS1, SS, NG, NGP, WS, PS2, N64, DC, PS2, PSP, WII, GC...

  • Playing retro microcomputers . Yes, by manually adding games or programs in the correct format to the correct folder on the memory card in order to activate these machines (AMG, AMSTRD, C64, AST, MSX, ZX etc...)

  • Play independent games, homebrews, native ports etc. Yes, the open architecture of the console allows you to run many programs on it.

  • Play touchscreen Android games with console keys. Yes, using the remapping option to assign a console key to each touch zone (may however not be 100% suitable for certain games).

  • Playing vintage handheld console games that used a touch screen . Yes, the 2 screens are displayed on the console screen, which is entirely touchscreen.

  • To play online . Yes, when the feature is available on games on a case-by-case basis.

  • Download games directly from the Chrome browser with the Wi-Fi connection, without using a memory card reader connected to the PC. Yes, the games will go to a download folder, you will then have to move them to the correct directory or use the Rom Scan function so that they are listed by the emulators concerned.

  • Play on a TV without an HDMI cable with the screencast function. Yes, you can cast the image to a compatible device or display connected to a Chromecast stick.

  • Play with two players with wireless controllers. Yes, the controllers must be paired via the Android interface, then check that they are recognized within the RetroArch global emulator. You may need to change the button assignment.

    If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us a question in chat or by email, the DOCK & PLAY team is here to answer you and help you get the most out of your neo retro console. Good game everyone !

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    • DOCK & PLAY

      @Kevin Si vous avez une carte-mémoire contenant des jeux, insérez-là dans la console, allumez, passez sur l’interface game launcher android (celle avec le nom des consoles sur écrans colorés) et appuyer sur le bouton X de la console pour scanner les contenus de la carte mémoire. Les jeux seront ensuite attribués aux bons émulateurs.

    • Kevin

      Bonjour, je viens de recevoir ma console Anbernic RG556.
      Je souhaiterai jouer à des jeux via les emulateurs pré-installés mais aucun jeux n’y figure. Comment dois-je procéder pour pouvoir jouer via les emulateurs ? Merci

    • DOCK & PLAY

      Bonjour essayez ceci :
      - Faite glisser avec le doigt le haut de l’écran pour faire apparaitre le menu supérieur Android, la roue dentée des settings devrait apparaitre en bas à droite.
      - Si vous dites que la roue dentée n’apparait plus dans l’interface paer défaut (avec la fille anime en fond), pouvez-vous nous envoyer une capture à —> contact @ dockandplay . fr merci

    • laurent

      Bonjour en voulant enlever l’affichage tactile sur l’ecran cela a enlevé la petite fleche en bas de l’ecran je ne peu plus acceder au menu settings par contre j’ai toujours R1 R2 la crois et les bouton sur l’ecran sauf l’icone me permettant de reourner dans le menu de configuration
      Merci pour votre aide

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