The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller brings fury to your games

La manette NEO GEO de 8bitdo donne de la furie à vos parties
If you are a fan of retro-gaming, and even if you probably never touched it at the time, you at least know by name the NEO GEO, legendary SNK console nicknamed "the roll of consoles" in the years 90 with its incredible arcade games. Today, you can relive those days with the 8bitdo NEO GEO Controller, a faithful, wireless reproduction of the original NEO GEO CD controller. Discover this controller, its history, its characteristics and the tip to make it compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

What is NEO GEO?

The NEO GEO is a video game console created by SNK in 1990. It is available in two versions: the AES (Advanced Entertainment System), intended for the domestic market, and the MVS (Multi Video System), intended for arcades. . The particularity of the NEO GEO is that it uses the same hardware and the same cartridges for both versions, which allows players to enjoy the same games at home or in the arcade.

The NEO GEO is considered a high-end console because it offers superior graphics and sound compared to its competitors at the time, such as the Super Nintendo or the Mega Drive. It is also very expensive, as it costs around $650 when it is released, not counting the price of the cartridges which can reach $300.

NEO GEO is best known for its arcade games, particularly in the fighting, shoot'em up and run and gun genres. Among the most famous titles, we can cite The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. NEO GEO has more than 150 official games, some of which are still played today by retro gaming enthusiasts.

What is the 8bitdo NEO GEO controller?

The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller is a wireless controller designed by 8bitdo, a company specializing in retro gaming accessories. It is the result of an official collaboration with SNK, the creator of the NEO GEO. It was released in 2023 to celebrate the console's 30th anniversary.

The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller is a faithful reproduction of the original NEO GEO CD controller, a CD-ROM version of the console released in 1994. It uses the same design and the same buttons, with an analog joystick with clicks and four buttons front. It also has two additional triggers and a turbo function. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a supplied 2.4G USB dongle. It is compatible with Windows, Android and the NEO GEO mini, a miniature version of the console released in 2018.

The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller is available in five models: the original in sleek black, and four limited edition models, each paying homage to an iconic character from The King of Fighters series: Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami and Mai Shiranui, adorned with the logo of one of the best episodes, KOF 97.

Why is the 8bitdo NEO GEO controller a must-have?

The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller is a superior quality controller that is fully in line with the neo-retro gaming movement, for an even better result than you remember. Here are some of its qualities:

  • It respects the design and feeling of the original NEO GEO CD controller, with its clicky joystick which offers precision and pleasant tactile feedback.
  • It benefits from solid construction and careful finishing, with robust materials and responsive buttons.
  • It offers 35 hours of battery life with a rechargeable battery via USB-C.
  • It allows you to play wirelessly with a range of 10 meters and without latency thanks to Bluetooth or the 2.4G USB dongle.
  • It is compatible with several platforms and several game modes, whether on PC, on smartphone or on the NEO GEO mini.
  • It offers additional features such as turbo or changing button layouts to adapt to player preferences.

How to make the 8bitdo NEO GEO controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch?

The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch out of the box, but there is a simple trick to connect it to the Nintendo console. To do this, you need an 8bitdo wireless adapter - available on DOCK & PLAY - a small accessory that plugs into the Switch's USB port and allows you to connect any Bluetooth controller to the console.

Here's how to do it:

  • Plug the 8bitdo wireless adapter into the Switch's USB port, either on the dock or on the adjustable stand.
  • Turn on your 8bitdo NEO GEO controller by pressing Power + Y or Start + Y depending on the model.
  • Press the pairing button on the controller until the LED light flashes quickly.
  • Press the pairing button on the 8bitdo wireless adapter until the LED light flashes quickly.
  • Wait for both LED lights to become solid, which means the connection is established.
  • Go to the Switch settings, then “Controllers and sensors” and choose “Change controller outfit/management”.
  • On the next screen, press the L + R buttons on your 8bitdo NEO GEO controller to have it recognized by the Switch.

And there you have it, you can now play your favorite Switch games with your 8bitdo NEO GEO controller. You can also use the 8bitdo wireless adapter to connect other Bluetooth controllers to the Switch, such as PS4, Xbox One or Wii U controllers.

Iku ze Kyo?

The 8bitdo NEO GEO controller is an accessory of choice for retro gaming enthusiasts and SNK fans. It allows you to rediscover the sensations of the legendary NEO GEO console, while enjoying the advantages of wireless and compatibility with several platforms.

With its elegant design and practical features, it offers a pleasant and immersive gaming experience. And with the 8bitdo wireless adapter tip, it can even connect to the Nintendo Switch and expand its range of action.

The 8bitdo x SNK NEO GEO controller

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