SNK MVS Mini offers the best arcade at home

SNK MVS Mini propose le top de l'arcade à la maison

Video presentation of the SNK MVS Mini

A must-have retro gaming novelty for 2024, the SNK MVS MINI mini arcade machine is a summary of the SNK NEO GEO universe in a unique, fun, user-friendly, versatile format, which has never been so affordable.

The console is presented in detail on the Passions Rétro YouTube channel: its hardware, its functions, its menus, and its games!

The new retro arcade gaming sensation is here

A miniature version of the remarkable full-size SNK MVSX terminal, the machine adopts an immediately recognizable design with the colors of the MVS family in red, black and white.

SNK MVS Mini Arcade Console

Its 3.5-inch LCD screen in 4:3 format , accompanied by two 2 W stereo speakers, promises total immersion in the intense world of Neo Geo arcade games.

Its compact size makes it a mini arcade machine that fits in the palm of the hand (dimensions: 13.5 cm x 10.9 cm x 16.3 cm) and weighs only 390 grams.

With its USB-C power cable, the MVS MINI is ready to be plugged into a fixed or portable power source , making it an easy device to take with you on the go, while traveling or for convivial breaks aiu work.

For those who want to see things in a big way, an HDMI connection allows you to connect the terminal to your television (HDMI cable sold separately) to a portable HDMI screen or even to a video projector , just to make your games a real spectacle.

Finally, for modern comfort, the MVS MINI is equipped with an instant save and load function, allowing you to resume your game where you left off or load a previous save with ease.

Is it necessary to specify that console version requires, you are in Free Play , you will not need to insert coins into a coin mechanism :)

A never-ending collection of Neo Geo hits

On the game library side, the MVS MINI is ready to play and packed to the brim with 45 games included, including several emblematic Neo Geo titles: The King Of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug , and many others.

These still unrivaled hits will satisfy players from all backgrounds and guarantee hours of memorable entertainment for veterans, SNK fans, but also all those who were never able to taste the NEO GEO, hospitable in its time.

The MVS MINI is not limited to single-player play: it is also designed for multiplayer . Thanks to its two USB-C ports , add comparable external controllers (come separately), such as the MVS Mini Pad controller or the 8BitDo Neo Geo controller and have fun like in the 90's!

Show your friends your best combos on The King of Fighters , advance as a duo on beat'em all like Sengoku and recruit your children to defeat Metal Slug as a team.

King of Fighters: fighting with inimitable style

The King Of Fighters '94 / The King Of Fighters '95 / The King Of Fighters '96 / The King Of Fighters '97 / The King Of Fighters '98 / The King Of Fighters '99 / The King Of Fighters 2000 / The King Of Fighters 2001 / The King Of Fighters 2002 / The King Of Fighters 2003.

Metal Slug: the benchmark for cooperative action games

Metal Slug / Metal Slug 3 / Metal Slug 4 / Metal Slug 5 / Metal Slug X.

Fatal Fury: the emblematic NEO GEO license

Fatal Fury 2 / Fatal Fury 3 / Fatal Fury Special / Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 / Garou: Mark Of The Wolves.

Samurai Shodown: the technical and captivating combat series

Samurai Shodown / Samurai Shodown II / Samurai Shodown III / Samurai Shodown IV / Samurai Shodown V / Samurai Shodown V Special.

A selection of SNK classics for all tastes: football, beat'em all, shoot'em up...

World Heroes Perfect / Art Of Fighting / Art Of Fighting 3 / Super Sidekicks / Top Player's Golf / 3 Count Bout / Baseball Stars Professional / Football Frenzy.

Sengoku / Sengoku 2 / Sengoku 3 / Savage Reign / Magician Lord / The Last Blade / The Last Blade 2 / Kizuna Encounter / Shock Troopers.

The MVS Mini in summary

  • Mini bartop arcade console with 45 pre-installed games from MVS / NEO GEO arcade machines and consoles.

  • Legendary licenses: King Of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury , The Last Blade, Shock Troopers, Sengoku, Super Sidekicks...

  • Complete mini terminal with 3.5-inch LCD screen , 8-way joystick and 4 action buttons

  • Two USB Type-C controller ports to invite a 2nd player equipped with a controller or play with two controllers.

  • Console compatible with 8BitDo SNK Neo Geo controllers.

  • Mini HDMI output for playing on a TV, portable screen or video projector.

  • Miniature replica design of the SNK MVSX home arcade machine, itself inspired by the original MVS from the 90s.

  • Save and load your progress at any time. No need to start from the beginning every game.

  • Official product licensed by SNK.

Buy the MVS Mini at the best price

The SNK MVS Mini arcade console is available on DOCK & PLAY for €99 .

Bonus: subscribers to the DOCK & PLAY newsletter receive a promo code which increases the price to €89.99 ! (code valid until 03/26/2024 midnight)

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