VISCO mini bartop arcade review

Avis mini bartop arcade VISCO

The mini arcade console market is seeing a new entrant this year with the arrival with fanfare of a discreet publisher but one that is fully part of the history of the arcade: Visco.

In association with Unico, manufacturer of the full-size SNK MVSX terminal, Visco offers here a quality mini bartop arcade which completes the range opened by SNK with its Neo Geo Mini and Sega with the Astro City Mini, or even Taito with its Egret -II. But what is this new terminal worth compared to its little comrades? Add a part and follow the guide.

    Tests and reviews on the VISCO bartop mini arcade

    Retro Passions

    Always on the right track (jumping kicks), our partner Passions Rétro was able to test this new mini bartop terminal at the original game library.

    Alex Express

    The YouTube channel Alex Express was also able to extensively test this new retro bartop which does not lack charm with a general presentation followed by a focus on the 12 games included.

    Platform, action, fighting, sport, shoot'em up... eclecticism is there!

    An in-depth review of the 12 built-in games.


    The VISCO mini arcade bartop is also nicely presented on Roufna's super geek and retro gaming YouTube channel.

    A little history with the beginnings of VISCO

    VISCO Corporation is a Japanese video game development company founded in 1982. It began developing video games for several platforms, including arcade machines and the NES, and later in the 1990s on Neo Geo and Nintendo 64.

    When Visco was one of the companies under the Taito umbrella, some of its titles were then labeled “Taito”. VISCO also collaborated with Seta (not to be confused with SEGA) and Sammy to develop arcade games powered by the SSV system board (Sammy, Seta and Visco). Starting in 2008, Visco began manufacturing slot machines for casinos primarily in Southeast Asian regions.

    The VISCO arcade bartop is not so mini

    Compared to its comrades at SNK or SEGA, VISCO offers an intermediate-sized bartop, approximately twice as large as the Neo Geo Mini and Astro City, but also smaller than the MVSX.

    The bartop mini arcade contains 12 pre-installed games which had their heyday in arcades but also on SNK's NEO GEO systems.

    Certainly, most of these titles do not have the notoriety of the SEGA, Capcom or SNK hits, but they are overflowing with charm and personality, especially since their genre is well identified: combat, shoot'em up, beat' em all, etc.

    And with an action platform game like Ganryu, it's easy to make the connection with other famous side-scrolling ninja adventures: Shinobi, Strider etc...

    12 games integrated into the VISCO mini bartop terminal

    1. Asuka & Asuka (1988)
    2. Maze of Flott (1989)
    3. Galmedes (1992)
    4. Andro Dunos (1992)
    5. UN Defense Force: Earth Joker (1993)
    6. Goal! Goal! Goal! (1995)
    7. Neo Drift Out (1996)
    8. Breaker's Revenge (1998)
    9. Captain Tomaday (1999)
    10. Ganryū (1999)
    11. Bang Bead (2000)
    12. Bang 2 Busters (2011)

    The range of mini arcade consoles with a selection of integrated games curiously still has relatively few players, despite the craze for retro gaming. This is why the arrival of Visco is a small event, which brings a lot of freshness and wonderful gaming moments. On your joysticks!

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