Add games to Anbernic RG35XX emulator console

Ajouter des jeux sur console émulateur RG35XX Anbernic

Welcome to the fascinating world of neo retro gaming on the Anbernic RG35XX console. You probably already know that this portable console is a little treasure that allows you to find video games from the 80s and 90s in a compact and easy to use all-in-one console.

One of the essential aspects to master when using the RG35XX is how to add games. The procedure is not rocket science but still requires knowing a few concepts beforehand. Start the video below to see it in less than a minute.

Hardware to add games to RG35XX

Before diving into the process of adding games, here's what you'll need:

  1. Anbernic RG35XX console : Make sure it is sufficiently charged.

  2. Micro SD memory card : You will need a micro SD card to store your games. Make sure it has enough space to accommodate your games. A card with a storage capacity of 64GB is sufficient to get started.

  3. USB memory card reader : You will use this reader to read and install files on your console's memory card from a computer.

  4. Computer : You will need a PC computer to transfer the games to your memory card.

  5. Retro Games : Obtain digital game files ("rom") for the games you want to emulate on your console. Make sure to download these files from reputable and verified sources.

Steps to Add Games on RG35XX

Now that you've gathered everything you need, here are the steps to add games to your Anbernic RG35XX console:

  1. Preparing the microSD card :

    • Insert the microSD card into your computer using a USB memory card reader if necessary.
    • PLEASE NOTE: the reader must be compatible with the TF (Transflash) format. A Micro SD only compatible reader may not read the memory card correctly.
    • If the card is blank, create a folder to organize your retro games. You can name this folder "Games", for example. You will then have to create several folders for each emulator inside.

  2. Downloading games :

    • Find reliable sites to download ROM files. If you don't know where to find them, you can take a look at , a marketplace community for independent games, some of which are offered in digital format for emulators, in free or paid form.

  3. Transfer of games :

    • Once you have downloaded ROM files, unzip them if necessary.
    • Copy the ROM files to the folder that corresponds to the intended emulator on the microSD card.

  4. Safe ejection :

    • Make sure to safely eject the micro SD card from your computer before removing it.

  5. Insert the micro SD card into the console :

    • Turn off your Anbernic RG35XX.
    • Insert the micro SD card containing the games into the slot provided for this purpose.

  6. Starting and configuring emulators :

    • Turn on the console and navigate to the main menu.
    • Select the emulator corresponding to the game you want to play.
    • Browse the list of games associated with the emulator to find the game you want to launch and select it.

  7. Play!

    • Enjoy your freshly installed games on your RG35XX.

Remember that the use of ROM files must be done in compliance with current legislation in order to enjoy a responsible retro experience that respects the authors. You can support free or paid independent neo-retro game creators on the website.

Now all you have to do is teleport back in time and have fun like back in the day!

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    @Lea La carte mémoire est partitionnée en plusieurs secteurs, celle allouée aux jeux restera de la même taille quel que soit le nombre de jeux installés par la suite. Celà ne vous empêche pas de supprimer ou d’ajouter des jeux au sein de cet espace, mais sa taille totale restera la même.

  • Ophals

    Slt l ami si ta pas régler ton problème de touche contacte moi sur face je sais comment faire bonne soirée ophals jeremy photo à 3 de profil

  • lea

    Hello, j’ai la dernière rg35 version H. J’ai pris avec la card sd 126go aussi.
    j’ai supprimé des jeux dessus qui m’intéresse pas, je souhaite les remplacer par les miens mais lorsque je supprime les jeux, la mémoire de la carte ne change pas…..


    Bonjour, essayez d’ouvrir le jeu depuis l’application de l’émulateur sous retroarch, plutôt que par l’interface simplifiée. Vérifiez aussi que votre console est à jour avec le dernier firmware, vous pouvez aussi faire un system restore dans les options. Si Garlic OS est installé (dans les options, vous devriez trouver une ligne “switch OS”), démarrez votre console avec Garlic et essayez. Si ca ne marche pas, faites nous signe sur le chat ou :)

  • clem

    Salut et merci pour le tuto, j’ai un probleme je sais pas si tu pourras m’aider, j’ai télécharger une ROM de Oddworld sur ps1, le jeux se lance mais ne reconnait pas les touches rien ne fonctionne … je perd espoir

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